How to Manage Multiple Business Channels

If you have Started a Business venture and you have or want to create more Channels and branches for your Business, Why wait for too long?
Read this article and start spreading your Business all over the World.
One Reason of having Multiple branches is to increase income, here we will be discussing on How to Manage your Business of one brand or Multiple brand.

What you will need to Manage your Business Growth? 

  • Business Plan 
  • Good Record Book 
  • Managers 
  • Accountants 
  • Sectaries 
  • Daily or weekly Report of your Business development or problems 
  • An Economist 

How to Manage Multiple branches of your business in one Brand 

Having one Brand makes it easier to Focus Properly on the Growth, it is very Easy to manage one Brand of Product than Multiple brands. 
You can start with just a head quarter first and record all the progress and problems you are facing and make it Stable, well known and popular. Listen to customers feedback many may be complaining of location, including your workers then it now the right time to choose a location for the new branch or branches. The following things must be put into consideration before making the final decision. 
  1. Security 
  2. Accessibility and parking space 
  3. Price 
  4. Traffic operation (foot or motorise) 
  5. Pass History of the site 
Let us emphasis more on them, If you Fail to put these items into consideration, consideration will put your Business product into failure.

  1. Security: This is one of the Most important thing that every Business man must put into consideration, it must come first when choosing the site for your Business operation. If it is not Properly secure then you will suffer a lot of lost, goods will be stolen, workers and customers safety will be put at risk. 
  2. Accessibility and Parking space : if you want good Customers to know your product and be able to buy without fear your branches, store, show room must have a good Parking space for customers to park their vehicles Properly and Move out easily. Your product must be easily access and seen without stress. 
  3. Price: The Price must be affordable and payable, IF you want it on rent, it must be within reach whereby you can gather the Rent age before time. Do not Rent land that demand you pay for ten years once unless you can afford it. If you are buying from a new location it should be Cheap, then invest more money on Adverts. 
  4. Traffic Operation: You can make this a Top Focus base on your business, IF your Business is the type that need high traffic. Then, consider the traffic operation and make it know to people. Check if the location you are selecting is well know and has high popularity. If not consider it as a wale house or parking store. It should be close to the market. 
  5. Pass History : You must know the pass history of the location, or else clients and customers will be afraid to trip in. Check if it is safe for your Business operation and peaceful, the place must have not been use for illegal operation or activities. 
Now, you can start organising the place and transferring Some experience staff and accepting new one. Guide them Properly, your customer's service should be the best. Offer What your competitors can't Offer like constant electricity, right resources and man more etc.
Note: If clients and customers are serve well, they will keep coming over and over again. Ask them for feedback and use it to improve Next time. 
Ask you accountant or manager to give you an analysis of all activities done on other branches, frequently visit the branches and monitor each sector to ensure smooth running. Make your staff look valuable but not superior. Call for general meetings from all branches, hold regular board meetings. 
It is very Easy to manage one brand of Business than Multiple Business Brands, it will require a lot of skill to manage which we will be discussing..

How to manage a Multiple brands Business 

This need good managerial skills and very difficult to maintain all sector all by yourself, IF you are financially Stable you can employ Different manager for each sectors while you do the work of overseeing each sectors. Regularly hold meetings with all the Board of Managements, let each of them give and explain How they are managing their departments. Have special meetings also with the co-workers and let them also explain each challenge they are facing in their offices. Make them feel comfortable with your Administration to be able to speak without fear of been sacked. 

Hold occasional events where you promote staffs and where clients and customers are given take a ways with your company Trademarks or watermarks thereby also promoting your business, on the take a way bags include How your company can be contacted and a discount that will be given to them when they also purchase. Make the discount Limited to a specific period of time this will help the company's growth. 

Additional tips :

This methods measured above can be apply to both brands of Business. 
  • Remarks: Give good remarks to consistent clients and customers, workers. 
  • Publicity: Promote Your Businesses or Business every where offline and Online, invest more on publicity. Advertise as much as possible, ask workers, clients and customers to tell people about your company. (give them incentives for each or total promotion made). 
  • Trademark: make all your business to have one company name and do not change your company's name like clothes. Make changes when important, make your company to have a peculiar style, colours, dressing code to make it look official. 
  • Record: Keep records of pass and present events and achievements. 
  • Have Boundaries: Each staff should have boundaries and Limits. 
  • Make Business Plan and Policies. 
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