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Are you thinking of Starting a Business and you don't know the one that can satisfy all your expenditures? 
Are still wondering How much will be enough? 
If I tell you that you only need Zero Capital to start up a Business of your choose will you believe me, many are wanting to have up to a million to start up a Business. 
Great Entrepreneurs only need a creative Mind as a start up Capital, in this article we will discuss about How to start a successful Business with Zero Capital. 

  Everything on earth has principle and tricks to make success. Here are Some useful tips and Guide For your twenty-first business century. 
I Started doing business at the age of eighteen, and just Started with only four thousand naira and today I am financially Stable at least. THANK GOD. 
Your our story can be so or more than that but it depend on your Goal! 

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Now, the Next Step is to take the FIRST step. The following are Some Guideline to make Wealth and start a successful Business : PREPARE for success 

Plan : if you Fail to Plan for the Future, you have Plan to Fail in the Future. TRY to take out a note book and a pen, then, brain storm about the Future and list out the business that interest you (more than ten). Look at people doing it and how successful they are? How much is required to start it up, there are Some business that require learning much about it before Starting while Some just need little money to start. Ask people about the procedure to start each of them, do not Limit yourself 'Think Big, Act Smart'.

Read :You must know this in Mind to make progress is not just by saying it, is by Acting it. You must keep reading about successful people, about the business and method to solve every problem in the business. If you start reading and wait to be Smart in business, is like Some wanting for the sky to fall or wanting for a moving train to stop along the road side for him. Also note this success will not come to you, you should be the one to go succeed and become successful. Never stop reading until you die as a success and do also attend business seminars to Boost your skills in business.

Evaluate : To Move to success you must first Evaluate where you are to where you are going to, that the only thing that can Boost you Spirit. If where you are is comfortable for you, then this step is not for you (you may skip it). Take note of How much have been spent on Entertainment, Shopping, Food and electricity over the years. Do you know that the are invisible thing we spend our money on like transportation, having fun and buy unwanted items or too much. Check if your outcome is greater than income, IF Yes, stop it and find a way to reduce it.
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Make sure you are sure of what you spend your money on.

Preview : Why Many people jump in business today and later jump out of if, thinking that business is not for them is that they do not PREVIEW. You must look at your financial status before Starting a Business and Preview the change that may occur when Starting and after Starting. Do not put all you expenses on the business for the FIRST time or at all. Do not start a Business that the gain is 1,000 Naira and expect it to feed all your need and Family want, of it is 1,000 gain from all stock after a long time sales or per stock sold. Always Preview How you can start and run it smoothly.

Act : Do not wait to have all the million to start up a Business, Act with the little saves you have. In my secondary school days, I Always save my allowance given to me by my parent and from extra job done and eat little from it, make research on tips to invest and grow Wealth at Young age. Earlier on, I said I start my business at the age of eighteen after my secondary school Level which took permission from my parent to start, I just start with 4,000 naira only. One you must know in business is not How much you start with but How great you make out of it. Act smartly and Move with successful Business people to enable think successful, think outside your present status. Act Now, Act Smart.

Risk : Do not be afraid to take RISK because not taking Risk is Risk itself, do also take stupid Risk. Plan, have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C before taking a Risk.
Business Risk that Fail are like experience for me, be confident of what you are doing.
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Make good Plan for RISK.
Write down your risk and result.
Learn to invest in other business and ventures to grow Wealth.

Equal : Keep everything balanced be happy with your business, also take out time to relax and reduce stress and live a good healthy Life to reduce expenses.
Learn from others and seek advice, have fun with Family and serve GOD. Pray for your new business. Map out Plan and measure progress.

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