How to turn your Hobbies into Profit

Hobbies are talents from God and do not require Formal or informal Education to acquire, Talents are Free to everyone but one question will keep bordering you "What is my talent?. Most at times an individual can have more than one talent or talents.

Going to a technical college or school is just the way to increase professionalism, there are various type of talents to chose from but here I will discuss Some. One step in locating your talent is to find your passion.

Examples of Some common talents are:

  1. Entertainment. 
  2. Art and Creativity. 
  3. Craft and Design. 
  4. Teaching. 
  5. Sport. 
  6. Business. 
  7. Consultancy. 
  8. Innovation and Discovering. 
  9. Motivators. 
  10. Cooking. 
  11. Leadership. 
  12. Reporters. 
Well, they are more of it but I just listed few ones that are easily located, I will explain Some and tell your How you can make money from it. 

  • Entertainment: Many found themselves Entertaining others at their free time or even at working hour, Some Example of Entertainment is; dancing, singing, Acting and speaking and many more. If you just discover your self in this field and wondering How to make money from it, relax. The only way to make huge Profit from this form is when you are Popular, in show business you need popularity and to have that popularity you need to be known. In any field you discover like dancing or Acting, singing, try to perform for free in an open or public place and when you are done, just drop your contact for dose that love your performance and will love to hire you. You do not need any Capital to do this, just practise at your free time. 
  • Teaching: This also an interesting one that require little or no start up Capital, IF you have the talent in teaching just practise and read a lot to increase your Level of knowledge. For a start, during holidays you can call your Next door neighbours children and choose the age you can teach and buy the require books or search for an old used ones And prepare a space for them and start teaching them for free, after each class give them assignments, monitor their learning skills and Speed, ask them for feedback from their parent or their own opoins. Improve and Offer same class Next hoilday and ask for a token fee, make it Cheap for people to be able to afford. You can still Offer private lessons, put your contact and name for people to contact you for a course. If you also want you can do this Online by Starting a blog. 
  • Art and Design: This talent is Natural because you can see yourself drawing, mounding and creating design. You can improve your skill and start selling your design like drawing e.t.c 
  • Craft and Creativity: If you can Knit or sew Some hand making like bags, caps, hand bands. While not take your time and make more of it and sell them at closing hour after work, school and to resellers that will buy and sell. The more you can make the more you earn. 
Make research on others and start do it part time, you can make it full time business if you want. You can never get tired of your passion or talent, never give up. 

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