Simple ways to Move your Business Online

How to make your Business to be know Online 

Are you a Business person and want your business to be know all over the World? It quiet simple, Do you that customers are wanting for your product/service Online. Read this article and see How to promote Business Online. 
Many years ago business organisation Focus and spend more on offline promotion, but as time goes on and internet became Popular many Organisation saw the important of going Online via various platforms at first they Was quiet afraid and invested little time, money and effort but now all over the internet is about Business adverts and Most people now base on the internet which resulted to e-commerce, e-schooling and E-mail marketing e.t.c. 

Here are Some few step to do it 

You may apply all or one of them for your business. 

  1. Organise and Prepare: To get set for success Online you must be prepare for it, try to Organise your business to look Real and Responsible by tell your audiences the following details;

  • About the Company (History) 
  • How to Contact the Company 
  • The company Terms and conditions

2. Hire a Web designer or expert: if you want your business to go over the internet full time, Hire a programmer to create a responsive website or blog for you and have the dot com Domain name extension. You must also make the 'Buy now' and 'Shop now' button visible and easy to use provide a payment options like Online bank account, wire account or pay on delivery. Make sure the Web designer is a good one, use good theme to avoid confusion and your website not seen as fraud. 

3. Contribute to Online communities: well, take part in group chat and forums relating to What you Offer and know what they need and the satisfaction they derived, then recommend your product or service for them with avaliable discounts and bounces. 

4. Create an Online presences/profile:
Take advantage of social media like Facebook (, twitter (, Google+ (, Linkedin (, WhatsApp ( and instagram ( e.t.c. If you have strong presence Online your customers will find it Easy to contact you and know more about your products and services, you can also make short videos of using your product or service and upload it on your youtube channel as a means of adverts ( These platforms make your website, products and services look official. 

5. Publicity: if you do not want to make people fill that the website is not your company ' s own do not read step, this step is the basic of other steps because after much effort you and your team has put together, you must make people know that the blog, website or app you have created is real and official. 
So go ahead pay for adverts and also use free platform to adverts your product and services including the Online presences to it. 

Good luck!