5 Tips and Guide to Promote Your Business on Facebook For Free

How can I promote My Small local Business on Facebook For Free 

There are many Free and Paid Ways to do this, I will explain How you can do this step by step. 
How to Promote Your Business on Facebook For Free

Over Billions of people are using Facebook everyday, From my Last Research at 2017 shows that Facebook has up to two billion users. 
Many people access Facebook from their mobile device while others at their Laptops and Desktops, Facebook is the Most populated social media Network on Earth (Globally), This mean that your Business can be heard all over the World. 
In Addition to this Topic and apart from free promotion on Facebook, Facebook promote Post, Websites and Facebook Pages at a token fee. Not withstanding I am go to teach and explain Five tips and guide to promote your Business Online, If you have any questions to ask you can ask that at the End of this post at the Comment box. 

5 Tips and Guide to Promote Your Business on Facebook For Free 

Please note that this tips have been tested by our media team. 
  1. Create a Facebook Page for your Business. 
  2. Complete all important details needed to make your Facebook REAL for Example; About, Contact, and services you render etc. 
  3. Invite people to like your Page manually and tell Friends and Workers you have to also do same. 
  4. Post Frequently and ask people to get in touch with you and sometimes ask for Comments, like and people to share the post every where. You must share your posts to create awareness to your targeted audiences. 
  5. Like other people post also and Comment, Run a little free promotion I also do (write interesting post on your timeline and link your page to it) Example below 
Make sure that all your friends are engaged in it, ask for people to share also, Contribute to other communities and Popular Groups on Facebook, copy and paste the link of your Facebook and share. 

The Higher you share the Higher you get Noticed on Facebook. 

Additional tips 

Try to be Frequent Online and create a group or forum for your Business to get their Feedbacks. 

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