How to Make More Money as a Doctor

Last time we were treating on a topic tittle; Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Today we are discussing on How to Grow Wealth as a Doctor, it has been seen that Doctors depend on the 4-9 hours Job For survival and have been working for the Government, private sectors to earn a Living, Now I am going to review some secret of becoming the Boss as a Doctor and retire early and rich.
Note: I am not supporting or advocating a Get rich quick scheme but a step to become a successful Doctor and know how to be independent Financially. 
The aim of Getting a Job is to Make Money, let not deceive ourselves. We spend time, Money and even efforts to go to school and earn a degree. So, if we are not making the amount that can satisfy needs then something is wrong won't be change until you change it.

No Matter your Status, Male or Female you can still succeed as a Doctor.

Here are some Tips to Guide you ;
There are some few ways you can do this and still keep your Full time Job.

  1. Own A Pharmacy : You can own Pharmacy as a Doctor and Employ a pharmacist to do the Job For you when you are Busy, also you can Employ a Science Students. Check after your full time Job to see how it is doing, acquire all necessary approval and lineces. Take advantage of strikes that Occur at your office, refer your clients to your pharmacy and make Profit when they purchase a product. 
  2. Become A Family Doctor :Many Families love to own a personal Doctor, so you can build a good relationship and trust with your consumers and get paid Monthly outside your full time income. 
  3. Organise A Free Health Seminars : Organise Free Seminars to attract People and run a free Test, then ask them to purchase a medical products like Drugs, Eye Glass, Supplements. 
  4. Join A Network Marketing: Join a Good and Respected Network marketing and advertise their products on your pharmacy, on the Free Seminars and get paid when you make a Sale. Please some Network marketing are Scams, so be sure before joining in. 
  5. Own A Clinic : Clinic is quiet different from a pharmacy, pharmacy is a place where Drugs and Supplements are been sold while a Clinic is a small hospital or Health centre owned by either the Government or private sectors (To have a proper check up) click here for more details. You can make income from your daily patient and constultation you offer. 
  6. Start A Health Blog or Tv show : This Step or Guide is the Fast Growing Business that every Profession love to do, if you are the type that love video shooting, You can also start a Youtube channel where you educate your audiences about their Health and make money from Adverts display on your video when your audiences click on it or purchase a product. You can also start an Health blog and monetize it with Adverts either from Google Adsense or other third parties (Affiliate programs), Become a Tv show Presenter and talk about Health, open door for advert placement and Sponsorships. 

Note: This above mention Job Can be done Full time or Part time, Every Tips and Guide Require Patience and commitment. 

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