How To Make Money In Rainy Season Fast

When is the Right Season to do Business?

  • Rainy Season or 
  • Dry Season. 
If that is the Question boring you then worry no more, because after this lesson you will learn How to take advantage of them but specifically I will base on Rainy Season. Many people are afraid of Rain and do not do anything at Rainy Season. After this lesson your story will look like the on this picture.
Do you know that you can take advantage of other people Problems to make Profit?
The Question now is How, It may not just happen like magic but gradually, gradually it make Some sense and you can be know for it.

Here are List of Business you can do at Rainy Seasons to make money 

  • Selling of Rain Coats 
  • Coffee shop and tea Making 
  • Selling and assembling of Umbrellas 
  • Selling of Nets (Mosquito net; For doors and windows, bed nets). 
  • Sell or Manufacturing of Pest and insect killer /control. 
  • Selling of Roasted or cooked Corn. 
  • Start a Car Wash Business 
  • Own a Store room or a warehouse 
  • Grass Cutting. 
  • Yam Planting and Selling. 
  • Rain Boots. 
Well, there are many of them but this ten I mentioned above are the Most Popular Rainy Season Business that are go and Easy to start with little  or no Capital.

Selling of Rain Coats and other Rain Resistance Materials like ( hand gloves, boots etc) 
During Rainy Season People buy these materials to protect themselves from Rain, Also these products are very expensive during the Rain like shower caps and Rain boots, Rain Coats etc.

Tea Cafe or Coffee shop:
Open a coffee shop or Tea making shop, were you can sell hot tea for those that are feeling cold to warm up. This Business is mostly done in the morning. It only require ;
Kettle and Cups, spoons.
Hot water.
Coffee, tea and milk.
You can also include Selling of Noddles, and you can choose the method you want (hawking or owning a chop) . In the aspect of hawking, it require no table and Chair.

Selling of Umbrellas :
This a Big Business that you can start and make progress during Rainy Season or Dry Season, nobody will enter the Rain just like that and nobody or nursing mothers will take a new Born baby inside a hot sun without Umbrella. The need of Umbrella can not be over emphasis.

Selling of Nets: Net Business do not have Season but I will say that during rainy Season the rate of mosquito is very high, Why Many neglect this Business is because Government provide free Nets to everybody. Free, it is not a good Business you see. But a wise person knows What to do, I do not support this but I will let you know
Some secret in this Business. Do you know that Government do this once or twice a year, I do not advocate stealing but you can decide to collect Some free once and sell later at a little fee or buy from the right dealers.

Manufacturing of pesticides and insecticides:
During Rainy Season, pests and insect are much and they are enemies to man in the sense of having no positive benefits to them. But let me say this you can make money from them by producing good pesticides and insecticides. You can also sell them after the Rainy Season but Customers are much during Rainy Seasons.

Selling of Roasted Corn or Cooked Corn :
This Business is a very good and Profitable Business I have ever seen, 85. 9% of human eat Corn and during Rainy Season Corn are very sweet and keep the mouth warm, You can also sell Coconut or pear in addition to it. Even if you hate Selling at street side you can own a Farm were Corn is planted and harvested and been sold to resellers or retailers.

Owning a Car Wash :
At Rainy Season cars are been muddy due to dirty water at the road side and many people hate to see their Cars dirty but are very busy to wash them. You can open a Car Wash and make money through it.
A source of water.
A good space.
Detergents and brush of all kind.
Sometimes, you do not need to be the one doing it. If you are opportune to have the resources then open it and Employ workers for it and Maintain you 4-5 hours job.

Cutting of Grass : Also, during Rainy Season grass grow faster and are slippery during this period.

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  1. Most of These Business can be done after Rainy Season.


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