How to Win over your Business Competitors

It is very simple and difficult to Win over your Competitors, the tricks are not new but are incredible and risky.
Are you Ready?
Here I teach about business tips and guide to become successful Entrepreneur, So I will also do this.
Note: This tips and tricks will not act as magic, you make it happen.
Have a little Patient on them, and Watch you Business growth. 
I will Explain Only Few and share the rest when you SUBSCRIBE.
Customers love Promos a lot,
The Aim of every Entrepreneur is to make Profit, The Aim of every Customer is to Buy Quality products and services at Cheap rate. Let me not take much of your time, From my experience in Business over the years I have learnt that to catch a golden fish (High Customers) you must use a golden hook (tricks and Plan). You may not do this all the time in your Business but I bet you it worked and still working for many big Companies.

Tips and Tricks 

  • Give Discounts : Customers will buy more when there is a discount on sales then normal, I am also an Entrepreneur so I am sure of every tips and tricks I am given. When I Was distributing my goods Some time ago I Was able to use this particular tricks, I sold half dozen of my product for 850 and full dozen for 1600, a Customer of mine ask me to bring half and asked me How much? And I told her the two prices, she said I should bring the full one to 100. 
  • Give Bonus. 
  • Use the Free Trick method. 
  • Do give away promo. 
  • Let Customers Attention and need be your primary concern . 
  • TRY to be Friendly and not stupid. 
  • Give The Price your Competitors will never give to Customers. 
  • Allow people to promote your Business either Free Or Paid. 
  • Do not Sack a worker or workers without Reasons. 
  • Make your workers feel happy working with you. 
  • Have a good and quality products and services to Offer to them (Customers). 
  • Invest more on Adverts, use every advertising method you were able to make Research on. like Online, Offline. 
Offline like; Radio adverts, Television, sign boards, hand bills, stickers Big Vehicles and many others.
Online like; Social media, forums, Blogs, websites Google adverts and Facebook adverts for Business.

What you Should know? 

Note this if you know a Business Company and no body knows about it is not a Business but a Blinking insert that Fly at night not known by the day. 
When you Advertise people believe you are an authority. 
When you advertise you get to reach more than normal sales made before without adverts. 

What you Must not do? 

  • Do not beg for money from Customers. 
  • Do not Dress in Proper to your Business place of worker 
  • Do Not sell fake products to do this methods stated above. 
  • Do not over do them. 


I am not responsible for any lost or damages done, I only share useful tips and Guide to those that which to Boost their sales and attract more Customers. 
Thank you. 


  1. How to know my Competitors in Business

    1. Those who produce similar products with you or render same service as you.


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