Lists Of Qualities A Good Entrepreneur Should Posses

It is important for Entrepreneurs to be able to identify the quality and be able to posses it when needed,Here in today's lesson we will discuss the Fundamental Qualities of an Entrepreneur.

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This is an individual charged with the responsibility of directing the affairs of his/er Business administratively and technically.

Features of Entrepreneurs

  • He Combines other factors of Production to produce goods and services.
  • He or She is the Major Factor of Production.
  • It is the of the responsibility of the Entrepreneur to determine When, What and How to produce goods and services.
  • He recruits workers and also supervise work.
  • He also determine when to sell in other to Make Profit.
  • His interest in the business is the profit.

Qualities Of An Entrepreneur

  1. He is employee of the Business.
  2. Must be Flexible.
  3. Must be willing to accept responsibility at all times (good or bad).
  4. Must be innovative.
  5. Must be impartial in the affairs of his/er staff.
  6. He can also Organise and take decisions.
  7. Must be able to adapt to the Business work.
  8. S/he must be charismatic in approach to duties.
  9. He must be able to execute decision that is he must be decision maker.
  10. He must be Risk bearer.

Functions Of An Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur performs the following functions;
  • Evaluation: He keeps record of the Business and make benefiting decisions.
  • Marketing: He fix the price of a goods or commodities, Determines the best alternative to yield the required Profit.


So far we have discuss about Entrepreneurship under who is an Entrepreneur, Qualities of Entrepreneur,Functions of Entrepreneur and others.
Good to remember,Entrepreneur are Risk bearers and Profit makers.
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