Six Benefits and Mistakes of doing Business online

If you are an Entrepreneur and you New to the internet, you have been Missing a lot.
Many Popular Business today got their Good Reputation by been online,After Reading this Guide will know if you have been Missing a lot or Benefiting of not been online.

The internet has been a Good place to do business over years  from my Research with it numerous Benefits, apart from the bad news we have been hearing or have heard about theft (Fraudsters) and other online problems.

Before you Jump or start into any Business Online or Offline you must be ready to Face the Good and the Bad part of it.

"You will not know how Sweet or Bitter a Coconut is, if you do not Break it and have a Bit".                                        - Ebube James
Before I started doing business online, I only saw the Benefits and just jump into it I do not get the opportunities you are having now even though I search for them online,they only told me more benefits and ask me to sign up with them to receive their tips on my Email box.
Here on this platform I am going to List out Every Benefits and Mistake I made and Enjoy doing business online, at least if not all but six Benefits and Mistakes .

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Six Benefits and Mistakes of doing Business Online

For you to Succeed on Online Business you must be ready to learn always and adopt to New Technologies.

Six Benefits

  1. Distances is not the Problem that is it can be done anywhere provided their is a Good Internet or internet speed.
  2. Targeted audiences are met like for example; if you run a blog or website you can make use of Google adword and Facebook advert placement and meet your direct client/Buyers or users.
  3. Payment is made at anytime,if though it is at night when you are at sleep customers at other Country awake make payment or even in the same country as you payment will be made to you with any given means you provide for your stormers.
  4. It Require a startup Capital as other Business do but is Cheaper because you will buy a marketing tool that can be use for all your client/buyers either yearly or monthly.
  5. It help you and your Business been respected and recognized by billions of internet users.
  6. It save time.

Six Mistakes

  1. Your Online Business can be Hacked by Internet Hackers.
  2. Many Fraudsters can create a reciprocal of your website or application to generate money for themselves or give your Company a bad name.
  3. It is time consuming and expensive to maintain.(data consuming)
  4. It Make use of Computers that use Battery and will need Electricity to go on .
  5. Experts and Professionals are required.
  6. It is slow to yield Results of the Time and Effort invested in it.

Final Conclusion

It may also require a domain name or a webhosting plan to manage, if not properly secured hackers and internet theft will/may also cause damages to the Business.
It will need a professional Web design to design the out look.
It require a level of professionalism from you and your coworkers.
It is not a making money quick method or scheme,it will even take a whole year to make a dollar.
The internet is now over crowded with competitors so it may be difficult for your business to be held.

To avoid the RISK of Losing your site do not know the Webhosting company to choose from, I can help you with that and you can buy a cheap hosting plan and affordable domain names and unlimited Email address.
* Do not invest all your Money on Online Business.
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  1. *do not invest all your money in online business*

    This should resound in our ears.... Thanks a bunch!

    1. Anosike Nkieruka Thanks for commenting,yes! Online Business are not 100% sure.


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