How To Sell: 4 Type Of Buyers And How To Sell To Each Of Them

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Welcome to another wonderful Video on this Show.

Today, We are going to be Learning "How To Sell".

If we want to make more sales and profits in our business, we must learn how to sell.

There are basic four Types of Buyers,
The first one is ;

Cheap Buyers: They buy base on price, they are very demanding. They want all quality to be on one product at a very cheap rate.
They are never satisfied.

The next one is ;

Difficult Buyers: Difficult Buyers are very confused, They are never satisfied too but will never buy. Because they are not always sure, if to buy or not.
They tend to give you more problem, they are sometimes not cheap.

The third one is ;

Knowledgeable Buyers: They are very Educative that is, they know what they want.
They have make all the research like the brand name, features and other things they need to know  about what they are buying.

They will ask you questions like ;

What are the features and benefits?
Term and conditions?
Warranty Policy.

Emotional Buyers : Emotional Buyers are easily persuaded, they buy base on how convincing you are.

For Example;
If you tell them that this clothes fit you and they are the best in the market, they will quickly buy it,without stress.
They are very Emotional.

So far, we have treating the four types of buyers in the market.


We discussed about
The cheap buyers and we said, they buy base on price. So if you want to sell to those kind of buyers, you have to sell very cheap or even make it completely free.


We talked about Difficult Buyers, those who never buy, they just want to know the price and difference.


Knowledgeable Buyers: Those who know what they want, they are very specific.


We said the last one was ;

Emotional Buyers: They Buy based on feelings, they have the money, they are ready to buy, but want some emotional condition to make them buy.

OK, I want to ask you.

What type of buyers do you want


What type of customers do you want?

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