4 Importance Of Accepting Female Entrepreneurship In Nigeria - Featuring Gloria Mykel

Ebube James:
Welcome to MyGuide4Business.com,
In Today's blog post we are going to be discussing  with Gloria Mykel where she shared with us Four Reasons Why Ladies Should Be Allowed To Go Into Entrepreneurship.

Gloria Mykel:
Writing an article like this as a woman makes me happy because it gives me an opportunity to speak out my mind and part of my vision as a business startup coach for female entrepreneurs.

For many years I have worked with startup entrepreneurs before I decided to narrow my niche to Female entrepreneurs, most female aspiring entrepreneurs are limited as a result of gender-based mines. I am simply going to be sharing some of my own observations and realization on why they female should be allowed to go into entrepreneurship.
 Here are four very important reasons why i think women should be allowed to go into Entrepreneurship.

1. ECONOMIC GROWTH: There are only seven countries in the world where men and women own business at an equal rate. In most countries, women own significantly fewer businesses than men, Even in a county where women substantial portion of firms they tend to perform at a lower level than business own by men.
Bringing more women Entrepreneurs into Marketplace, therefore simple offering for more successful businesses.
Women may be able to open businesses that cater to a different niche than their male counterparts. Overall this accounts for improved economic growth stability within a country.

Organisations like the female entrepreneurship clubs and many others have pointed out that entrepreneurship may be a way to support women who live in poverty around the world, By removing barriers to entrepreneurship (credit, training, legal restrictions, and property)women are able to gain incomes, advocate for their own independence. Because many women are also parents breaking the hold of poverty on the lives of women also help to support children in a nation that struggle with poverty.

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3. IMPROVING INNOVATION: Businesses owned by women are often subjected to a particularly interesting standard. They are considered to be vastly more innovative, they have access to different Niches than men, to have a different societal role and therefore different needs than men. It is clear that women entrepreneurs have a valuable and diverse perspective that will support the overall development of global economy as we proceed farther into 21century.

4. More Reinvestment Into Local Market  :   women in merging marketplace put as much as 90% of their earning back to the local economy. This may have to do with how men are likely to spend their earning into personal consumable such as tobacco, alcohol while women are more likely to purchase items for their families or children,boosting the economic purchasing power of women help to support the economy.