How Did You Create Hypersoci - Featuring Bankole Emmanuel

The Popular know young web developer in Nigeria by nickname @MrBanrk, has just announce the full release of his Social Media Marketing Software Company Called Hypersoci.

Bankole Emmanuel Oluwafikayomi is a passionate web developer, programmer, blogger and an entertainer who has just created something wonderful for the future of Social Media Marketing, Hyersoci. Hypersoci is a social media marketing tool use to send broadcast, messages and product catalog to users via social media like Telegram and Whatsapp for the now, it also can help you show real time analystics, conversion rate and many more about your social media growth and brand awareness.

He is also the founder of a forum of programmers with a like mind vision like him called and some other wonderful blogs. You can follow him on his social media platforms to know more about him.

Here we have him with us to tell us why he decided to create Hypersoci and what are is feature plans.

My Name is Ebube James, the founder of Incomebrain Network and I will be your host of this interview today.

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Welcome sir, we are happy to have you here with us. For the sake of those that just joining in now can you formally introduce yourself to us.

 My name is Bankole Emmanuel, A web/software developer with passion. Fun to be with and always ready to work.

When was Hypersoci Created and Launched?

 Hypersoci first version was first launched on 2018 Dec. (I sacrificed my enjoyment then!)

Do not mind me but I would like to ask you a FAQ question, were you the only one who code or created Hypersoci 🤔?

Yes i am the only one that created that hypersoci.  I reached out to developers, but they seems to be too busy. So i have to do it all by myself and GOD.

What is your vision for creating Hypersoci?

Well, my vision was and still to make it an all in one social media marketing software. but, i am limited to do only two now, which is the telegram bot and whatsapp api.

Who are the users who can use Hypersoci and what is it use for?

Hypersoci helps you to send messages to all your whatsapp & telegram contacts at once, or do a 24/7 auto-reply for your contacts (bot). more to discover. (still building)😉

How secured is Hypersoci from Hackers and safe to user's subscribers or users themselves?

Well, I am definitely bruting the hypersoci and check for & fix the vulnerabilities/loop holes.

Is Hypersoci Free or Premium for users (creators)?

Free for telegram api, and have pricings for WhatsApp API. I am doing this all alone. I will add that to the homepage soon I am fixing those pages first, so, I have no choice but to hide it from users now.

Can Hypersoci user's use it to create a bot for their whatsapp business?

Yes sure.

How can someone new to the internet create a telegram bot with Hypersoci without coding knowledge?

Yups!, you can. For now, there is no API for developers now, so i am taking care of all the necessary things myself. So, every users can use it.

How many subscribers can an Hypersoci bot accept for a user (limit)?

 As many as they can 😉

What are the other feature should a user look forward for or benefit as a creator in the future?

I don't really have any anything more in mind now, than to finish this straight up.

I know I have asked you something like this before but for clearification purpose Do you have other team in Hypersoci, if yes please mention it here or do you want to keep it as a secret for now.

No. For now.

Do you intend to hire other people to join your team both now or in the future to further improve and develop Hypersoci or other of your child product (other Hypersoci products)?

Yes sure.

 Who or what  Inspired you to create Hypersoci?

Well, I have been having it in mind to create a brand. I have been doing so many until I got here.

Lastly, Before you go do you offer personal training or service for companies and business that wish to have a bot?

No for now, i am still trying to build mine complete first.

And If yes, How can you be contacted or your company be contacted for help and business.

How can someone become a Softwafe creator?

Not really every developer should be a brand owner, but it compulsory to know how to build software. Learn and keep learning. Learn how to use APIs and libraries.

Do you have any word for our readers that are reading this right now?

 Yes, learn how to survive online. It's cool to be a brand owner, it'll not always be easy at first.
but your perseverance will help you grow.


Thanks and have a blessed day sir, hope to have you here once again.