How To Make Money From Selling GSM Phones and Repairs Business In Nigeria

How To Make Money From Selling GSM Phones And Repairs Business In Nigeria

In this article, I will be showing youhow to make  money from GSM Phones and repairs business. Financial freedom is the dream of any endearing entrepreneur who is working hard to make ends meet, but it is worth knowing that making money is all about solving problems. The problem you are able and willing to solve is what actually makes you stand out in any instance whether selling goods or services.

Lots of youth these days are confused and do not know how to go about making money, thinking that what they need is just a good paying white collar job, but unfortunately these is no longer available.

It is very obvious that skill accusation is viable and a good path to becoming financially independent as it offers one the opportunity to solve problems and get rewarded for the services rendered.

Aside making money from GSM Phones and repairs business, there are lots of business opportunities out there! All you need to do is to find a passion for one and then learn all you can from A to Z gaining mastery and becoming an authority in that skill or field. One thing you should know is that you cannot run away from challenges. Every entrepreneur has a story of the good, the bad and the ugly seasons of their life and business. Through share courage they scaled through and became happy.

The Prospects in GSM Phones And Repairs Business

There is a great prospect in this endeavor as many youth are making money from GSM Phones and repairs business. A good number of young start-ups have and are still venturing into it till date. Some of them through courage and focus on the job have become property owners and are living well.  In fact, some have even gone ahead to establish an online forum where upcoming engineers come to pay for membership and get trained and become certified to practice.  However, you don’t have to be a university graduate to succeed at this!

The good news is that after or even while you are learning online for paid or free membership, you will keep finding resourceful websites or blogs to keep learning more and more to keep yourself updated with the trends of things because GSM phone repairs is evolving daily with the influx of flagship mobile phones from a vast number of competing manufacturers.  Anyway, this is not anything to be afraid of as there are opportunities for you to learn from mentors and other resource in blogs or great websites.

What You Should Know About The Different Branches of GSM Phone Repairs

If you are considering making money from GSM phones and repairs business, you will need to know a few important aspect of the business so as to get you started on a good track. Basically, there are two branches of this skill namely SOFTWARE and HARDWARE repairs. Let me explain further so you will understand what this means.

By Software repairs, we mean learning how to fix software related problems of phones without necessarily dissembling the phone. For example when a phone has Software problem, it begins to reboot (that is on and off) on its own, boot looping (that is hanging) on start-up and won’t get past that point, apps opening and closing themselves up, viral infections, software update issues, upgrading and downgrading, customizing ROMs or firmwares etc are all software related issues you will be handling when you are a software engineer or technician.

When you are good at this and the hard parts of it that others can’t do, they will come to you for help and you get paid as a reward for your hard work.

gsm phone dissembling.jpg

On the other hand, by Hardware repairs, we mean all other repairs that are done in such a way that you will be required to dissemble the phone under consideration to get the problem fixed.Hardware problems may include phone LCD screen damage and solution, mouthpiece, earpiece, ringer problem and solution, overheating, quick battery discharge, charging problem, etc. While working on phone the hardware way you will often have to dissemble phones of all sort which means that you will have to be making reference to assembling and dissembling manuals from product manufacturers and other resourceful media like Youtube for video tutorials etc.

What You Need To Start Making Money From GSM Phones And Repair Business

As a young entrepreneur and start-up, you will be mostly faced with several questions on your mind like: How do I get capital? How do I pay for a shop or office space, how do I get all the expensive tools and machine for this business and so many other questions.

Most people who are successful in this business today asked these questions and found a way out at last!  The answer to the above question is, “just start anyway”! You can apply this strategy by letting friends and family know that you can do XYZ, sometimes, do things for free, tell them about some useful phone settings, tell them about some great mobile phone apps, market yourself on facebook.

If you are going to succeed with zero capital you need patience. If you can bury your pride, you can even get a table and umbrella and just start something anyhow and learn in the process after your training. To succeed in any business you need to be rugged and practical so that you can have a story.

Taking Your GSM Phone Business To The Next Level

While you are at this job or training others for it, you will experience different seasons of business experiences. Take notes, keep record, take snapshots of phone problems and solutions, track your success and failures, and know what works and what doesn’t work. When you have gain expertise and built trust, you can later package and sell your knowledge in a video, in an ebook, in a webinar just to mention few!

As your business continues to grow and you keep making money from GSM Phones and repairs business , you can start selling parts and accessories, selling mobile phones, training others in this skill and getting paid accordingly, selling laptops etc.

Furthermore, you will need to take your business further by getting a website or blog where you can give your business and online presence to market yourself and your knowledge or product and services which is the “life-wire” of business and for profitability.

Finally, just like in every other business, you will remain a failure without taking proactive steps to succeed. Failure or poverty is not an excuse, what you need is determination and focus on your passion and watch your business grow right before your eyes though not without challenges anyway. If this article was helpful do share to let others know what you found out here.  Goodluck!

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