How To Get Paid By Google (Make Money On Google Online) W/ Ebube James

Getting Approved by Google Adsense is now easy with these steps here but getting paid or reaching the threshold is not an easy task for any beginner, if you are new online and want to know if you can ever get paid by Google, the answer is YES.

But only to their Publisher and Creator 🛑

How Can I Become A Google Publisher or Creator

Becoming a google publisher/ creator is as simple as what you do on social media and forums online, Google inc has made it easy for us to become an approved publisher/ creator through joining their platforms of Content Creation Program like;

  1. Youtube (Video).
  2. Google Blogger (Blog).
  3. App Developer (Software).
Monetization Program:

  1. Youtube Partner.
  2. Google Adsense.
  3. Google Admob.
I would make the whole process easy for you by taking you by hand and tell you everything you need to know.

Make Money Online By Using Google

“First, you have to use one or more of Google Products to get paid by them.”

Someone would like ask, How much do google pay monthly?

You misunderstand it if you are among those who ask this question.

Here is How Google Pays you;

You get paid per 1,000 views for video.
You get paid per impression, click and views for blog post.
You get paid per impression, click and views for your app or software.

Another mistake people make is to think that because you own any of these platform, you get paid by google.

Hell, No!

You request for Application for it.

As a Blogger, you apply for Google Adsense,

As a Youtuber, you apply for Youtube Partnership,

As an App Developer, you apply for Google Admob.

I do not know if I am confusing someone here but I promise to give more details on each of this Google Earning Program, so relax and keep reading...

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Here is the answer to all these questions.

You get paid by Google when you do what people love and get engaged with.

The Big Question is, HOW?

I have been in the online business since 2016 and I have studied the online business strategy as a course, aside that I have made decent income from it (5 - 6 Figure income).

My first income I receive online was what brought a new phase for the business, I have been taking my online business as a part time hustle make $1, $2 and other penny income  until I returned from work one evening and turn on my data and receive a mail from a company I promoted their product on my blog that my account has been credited with $65. I quickly login to my dashboard to confirm how true it was and saw it was real, since that day I took my hustle as a serious business and has been profiting from it.

Another interesting global impact of my online business to my life was when I was first contacted by a foreign online company that they did like to endorse me as a their brand marketer online.

Well, I rejected that offer because of some personal reasons.

I have been paid from Spain before due to the trust I got from my blog.

To cut the long story short and to stop showing off, it better you get into the ocean and learn how to swim or been lost for ever in the ship.

If you want to get paid by Google or get paid Online, get online.
And you can only get online when you own your own online platform like a website, blog or app, you can also own a video channel on youtube or others.

Some successful internet entrepreneur started with a small blog and has grow it to a big online business empire by having;

An Email List.

A Blog.

A Digital Products/ Services.

A Podcast Show.

A Youtube Channel.

Also A Mobile App.

And are making money from various channel with Google Earning Programs.

You too can by starting with what you love and turn it into a side hustle business as I did.

Is this whole thing confusing? 🤔

I am live here to help you get started for free!

If you are interested in making your first $1 or $1,000 online, just chat with me on WhatsApp and we get everything done without mistake or waste of time.

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