How To Create A Professional Wordpress Blog Site With ₦15,000 And Earn ₦150,000 Monthly

Back then in the early of 2000s, When Blogging was not overcrowded and we had a total number of 17 Million blogs online.

'You can easily create a blog and write good content and rank on Google First page and make money even without submitting your sitemap to Search Engines or Directories.'

But now, research shows that there are over 70 Billion active blogs and 25 Million inactive free hosted blogs which means that if we were to share one blog per device, each device would have 7 blogs each.

I do not think your yet to be created blog was added and how many blog people read each day and you how some full time bloggers update every minute and even run paid ads to be seen.

"You won't succeed blogging about what you love again".

So instead of blogging about what you love, blog about what people are searching for on search engine like google and bing.

It is not about long blog post anymore, the game has changed!

Create attractive compelling contents that can contain quality video, images and step by step how to guide.

Do not call it an hobby, if you want it to make some extra cash 💰 for you.

It should be a part time Business not a Job.

There are 5 Proven Methods of Making Money Blogging and each of them is automated (you don't need to always be there to make a sale).

5 Proven Methods To Make Real Money Blogging From Home.

#1: Advertising.

#2: Affiliate Marketing.

#3: Information Marketing.

#4: Direct Selling.

#5: Paid Review.

I have used all of this method to make a thousand or few nairas online which if I am to say, they all work.

Some of these methods of making money can be making a steady $1 every day, that is to say you have built a $1 business (cash flow system) or you can call it passive income business on the internet.

Let do a little primary mathematics:

1 day = $1
366 days = $x

Find x, 

To get X, we cross multiply.

1day = $1
366days = $x

366 days X $1 = 1day X $x

If, 1 X y = y


1 X x = x

:. 1day X $x = $x

$x = $366

≈ x=$366

To leave your answer in ₦, you convert.

$1 = ₦360
$366= ₦131,760//

Note: you can earn higher than $1 a day.

There was a time I earned $65 a day from affiliate marketing.

Now, the most frequently asked question I get from clients is this;

What is the best Blogging platform to use today.

Blogging platform is also called CMS, which stand for Content Management System.

Here is my best answer that works.

Look at your budget before you choose.

We have about 5 - 10 CMS.

But only 3 is popular.

#1 Wordpres dot com,

#2 Google Blogger (Blogspot),

#3 Self Hosted Wordpress.

*#2 is very cheap to maintain by any individual pocket size, you can have a free hosted blog by google and purchase a domain for ₦1,100 from a Nigeria Webhosting company.

Or #1, Wordpress dot com that gives you a free domain but may cost you some dollars to host your blog site or website.

#3 Self hosted Wordpress is for Professional or Business plan budget, not that cheap to maintain but affordable. You can choose the plan that you can afford from your webhosting company which most web hosting companies give their clients a free one year custom domain name and include the domain name fee to the Webhosting plan on the second term.

I have use the 3 CMS and I love #3

Not because, I am a Webhosting company affiliate but because of the easy life you would enjoy using it.

Some Features and Benefits of #3:

👉 Drag & Drop.
👉 One Click Installation.
👉 Plugins, that makes blogging stew.
Like E-commerce plugins and online  payment gateway.

How much would #3 or a Self hosted Wordpress blog cost you to get?

You can get a Self Host Wordpress For as low as ₦15,000 per year, if you know what you are doing, before the end of each year tenure, you would be also to auto renew your web hosting plan and keep enjoying your stew in your blogging rice (life).

Blogging as a Business is not for Kids 🔞.

Do you want an Affordable Webhosting company, Use This Link here.

I am not saying this to scare you but if you should know, I start blogging at the age of 17+.

I should come and be going 🚌🏃🏃🏃🚶

If you have any further thing you would like to know, ask intelligent questions at the comment section below and I would give you my best answer from my experience...

I can further help you with Technical Set Up, If you want for free. $0 or ₦0.

I still remain,

Ebube James Okwuoha,

You can find me online at

Thank you! 🤗

And God Bless you.

Piss Out./😍🤑