How To Start P.O.S Business From Home in Nigeria (2020)

Do want you want to know how much P.O.S agent generate (makes)  as profit daily?

From my research making much profit from POS agent business is strictly base on how many transaction the POS agent makes daily from his/her E-Wallet account and commission paid to them by their Main Platforms, if you want to start up POS Business or become an Agent of any POS platforms, you have to understand how POS business works and make profit so as not to make a terrible mistake of investing your money in what does not work.

POS Business In Nigeria
P.O.S Business Start Up Requirement In Nigeria

First, Let know more on what POS Business is all about and what it stands for and how it works.

P.O.S stand for Point Of Sales

POS Business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria to earn commission from people's transactions and to start this business, you have to become a POS Agent.

In 2020, Either POS or VTU would become a full time business for so many in Nigeria. there was a post I wrote about VTU Business, if you would like to read more.

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You do not need all legal document to start POS Business or become a POS Agent, the most important requirements of them all are Finance and good location - mobile shop can be helpful to start up.

Requirements To Become An Approved POS Agent

There are few equipments and legal document you would need to start POS Business in any location that are required from you before you can become an approved POS Agent Successfully.

  1. Capital (Fund). 
  2. Registered Business Name. 
  3. POS Machine / Equipments.
  4. Physical Shop (Good Location).
  5. Training.
POS Business is kind of similar with VTU Business but what differentiate both is that POS Business is done offline and VTU Business is done online .

Lists Of POS Business Host

What is POS Business Host? A POS host is a server or platforms that performs the task back end for an agent.

POS Business Host In Nigeria

* Page.

Let us Learn more on their agent process application.

The first step to launching your POS business is to get a host. A host is a financial institution that is the source of the services you extend to your customers. Examples of good hosts include First Bank, Quickteller, Paga, FCMB, etc.

We have provided necessary information on two of the most popular hosts below:

Paga is a payment system that can be used to transfer funds through your phones. You can send money to any location in Nigeria and receive money from different countries (through Western Union, MoneyGlobe and other popular payment systems) using the Paga platform. The platform has agents all over the country and there is still room for more. If you’re interested in becoming a Paga agent, you just need to follow these steps.

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#1. Visit the only official website offered by Paga company

#2. The site has a lot of useful information on the home page. You can check reviews and understand how the platform works and what’s in it for you. Once you are ready to proceed with your own account registration, click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

#3. You can also click on the FAQ link at the bottom of the website. You will see two sections for customers while the other section is for agents. The agent section provides the necessary information on how to become a Paga agent. You can also email your request directly to this email address: You shouldn’t include your full name and contact details in your email-letter so that the Paga team can reach you easily.

#4. Once you have sent the email, you will be a response from one of the local Paga representatives in your city or area. The representative will provide you with the necessary instructions on how exactly you can turn into an agent.

As a Paga agent, you’re expected to work with the clients and your tasks include registration of new clients, helping users complete financial transactions of your clients (if they want you to), helping users to load cash into their account as well as withdrawing cash.

You will earn money by offering this company’s services in their local communities in Nigeria. You receive a number of benefits. These include a commission for each transaction performed by your client, participate in the training organized by Paga and enjoy traffic to your businessthanks to your cooperation with Paga.

As a Firstmonie Agent, you are known as the FirstBank ‘Human ATM’ and your job is to reduce the reliance on over-the counter transactions while providing convenient personalized services. Your services include– Account Opening, Cash Deposit, Airtime Purchase, Bills Payment, Withdrawals and Money Transfer.

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When you become a Firstmonie Agent in your community, you’re able to make extra income from your thriving business.

Quickteller is another excellent POS business platform. As an agent, you can earn attractive commissions for all Quickteller services which is an additional line of income. And as long as you are a citizen of Nigeria with a legitimate business, you can become a Quickteller agent. Agents include individuals, small to mid-size businesses, institutions, etc.

How Much Do You Need To Start Up POS Business

It basically depends on your host plan and charges, you can start with ₦10,000 or ₦100,000.

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